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Admin Support/ Data Entry

Administrative Support / Data Entry Virtual Assistant

As you grow your business, it will seem like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Whether your business is an established company or an industry rookie, an Administrative Support Virtual Assistant can help you with the day-to-day running of the office. You need a multi-tasker who is versatile enough to go from task to task with expertise and efficiency.


Administrative Support/Data Entry Virtual Assistants possess specialist-level skills. Let’s go to the specifics of the common tasks they perform:


Day-to-day clerical and secretarial tasks

​Checking your email inbox, managing your calendar, organizing your documents, handling your phone management system, taking notes, creating reports and presentations—these are all important chores of running your daily life that you can outsource to a dedicated virtual assistant. As long as you don’t need to do the office tasks in-house, a Virtual Assistant with expert word processing skills can certainly help.

Reception and customer service

Your virtual assistant provides reception and customer service by handling conversations with your prospects, existing clients, and suppliers. From placing phone calls on your behalf to handling incoming phone calls, an Administrative Support Assistant with impressive communication skills can be your voice and ears when you’d rather be working productively and without distraction.

Scheduling meetings and travel arrangements.

Need to reschedule that meeting that a client postponed? Need to book a plane for a trade show in a few weeks? Your virtual assistant can be on top of your calendar. If you spend too much time checking your scheduled appointments, a virtual administrative assistant can be an immediate help to improve your productivity.


Remote office management.

Although your virtual administrative assistant can’t be present to physically set up the conference room table, there’s still plenty in the office that can be carried out remotely, including handling invoices, bookkeeping, handling payroll, and managing expenses.

Digital records management.

Company activities, financial and non-financial documents, employee management and a lot of fields have database records to maintain. It takes an experienced and expert Virtual Assistant to handle a sensitive task like records management.

Help build and optimize marketing systems;

​Aside from all of the time-consuming, routine tasks that your virtual assistant can handle, they can also help with more tedious and complex chores like helping to build and optimize your marketing systems, such as: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools: to create custom fields, stages, and pipelines, and to migrate customer information Facebook and Google: to set up the tech and run your ads in these powerful advertising platforms for insurance agencies


Our team of virtual assistants based in the Philippines are dedicated to keeping your business running efficiently by taking over your administrative tasks like our own.