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Amazon Seller Support

With e-commerce on the rise and competition on the rise, it only makes sense to get your products on as many distribution channels as possible, with Amazon being a major player in the industry.

With over 210 million members, Amazon is a rapidly expanding marketplace. In 2013, marketplace vendors fulfilled over a billion orders and generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue. This is a massive pool from which to choose. We can help you get started and stay on track whether you are already in this industry or want to be.

Outsource Amazon Customer Service

We offer Amazon seller support and dedicated account agents for your account. Our location in the Philippines is ideal, as it is close to one of Amazon’s largest call centers. Our specialists have direct experience working as Amazon’s seller support personnel; they are knowledgeable and have the expertise to get your account up and running.

We can help you with product listing, customer service, dealing with A to Z claims, obtaining the buy box, and improving your seller rating.

Our account representatives can assist you with the following Amazon e-commerce services:

  • Amazon Messages
  • Incoming Phone Calls
  • Outgoing Phone calls
  • Feedback requests
  • Feedback responses
  • Return Requests
  • Product listings
  • A-to-Z and chargeback claims
  • Opening cases
  • Product improvement
  • Data entry
  • Improving seller metrics
  • Calculating trends
  • Communicating with Amazon support
  • Advertising
  • Reports and settlements
  • Bulk uploading
  • Invoice handling

Amazon’s seller metrics are among the most difficult to meet in the industry. Allowing a defect rate of less than 1% can be a difficult goal for some merchants to achieve. We’ve done it before and have the necessary experience. Amazon will examine and monitor each seller account on a regular basis, and our dedicated support representatives know how to handle and manage your metrics to meet these requirements. We will make every effort to ensure that your KPIs, such as email response time, consistently exceed the guidelines.

It is difficult to contact Amazon’s seller support. The majority of communication is done through email rather than phone. The vast majority of the emails are written as if they were pre-written templates. We’ve seen sellers attempt each request 3-4 times just to find the information they needed or to resolve an issue and submit appeals if necessary. Furthermore, we may work with Amazon customer service to remove any unjustified feedback as needed.

Amazon Product Entry

Our data entry team can help you launch and push products with UPCs live into your Amazon store. We can handle mapping and child-to-parent variations. They are also listed internationally in several languages.

Our representatives will not only treat your account as if it were their own. Our representatives will provide feedback and careful observations on items that can improve or help your KPIs, as well as any opportunities to generate revenue and save money!

With years of market knowledge and a proven track record, we offer a low-cost opportunity.