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eBay Seller Support

Whether you’re a new or experienced eBay seller, everyone could benefit from a little extra assistance where it’s needed.

So, what exactly is eBay support? Everything is based in the Philippines, and our office is only a few blocks from eBay’s. We have representatives who have come directly from eBay and have worked on both sides of the aisle. Our representatives are experienced in dealing with any situation that may arise as you mature, as well as any current problems you may be experiencing.

eBay Support

So, what can we do to assist? Our eBay support representatives will provide you with the necessary tools, such as:

  • File uploading and Data Entry 
  • Cases
  • Consumer assistance
  • Image and quality assurance
  • Feedback modifications
  • Trust and safety issues
  • File maintenance
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Maintaining or achieving a superior DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings)
  • Not as described Claims
  • The item was not received Claims
  • eBay messages
  • eBay layouts
  • eBay templates
  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Unpaid item cases
  • Listing revisions
  • Best matching
  • Competitor pricing
  • Return management
  • Reporting
  • And many more!

To sell on eBay, you must adhere to a set of regulations and restrictions. It is difficult to keep up with the marketplace’s continual changes and many sellers do not fully comprehend how best matching works or how to obtain top-rated status. Our experts liberate you to focus on the big picture, which is sales. Our professionals can assist you with your eBay store and give you with eBay assistance.

eBay Product Entry

Our eBay data entry support staff can assist you with locating photos, creating listings, and activating them in your store. You will have little to do. We understand which categories and phrases are crucial for search engine rankings and increasing revenue. Since the foundation of our company, we have sold on eBay, and all of our eBay support agents have sold on eBay for more than five years.

eBay Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are well-versed in eBay policies and shortcuts. We understand what is and isn’t permitted on the market. Our customer service representatives have had a high level of success in removing negative and neutral feedback that may have violated eBay policies. They recognize that feedback and the DSR have a significant impact on a seller’s standing.

Our representatives have handled hundreds of accounts in a wide range of industries. Individual sellers who want to expand their product offerings or include a customer service phone number in their stores. To larger sellers, as well as full-service customer service representatives, who require bulk product uploads and changes.

We provide extremely low-cost methods for managing your eBay store. Our eBay assistance can provide you with virtually limitless opportunities and ROI (return on investment). The ability to list products in bulk on your storefront, collect data, set titles and images, and set prices leaves you with nothing to do but find more things to offer as a small seller!

Our customer service is excellent, and we know eBay inside and out. Additionally, we have a lot of customer service expertise. We make certain that your customers are pleased and will return. Customers use eBay because they want to know that their transactions are safe and that eBay will stand behind them. Our specialized account specialists will adhere to any store policies and, if desired, will offer changes and enhancements along the way. The importance of communication and reporting among your sales representatives cannot be overstated. We want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed, and we’ll work with you to get there. Each of our representatives owns their accounts and treats them as if they were their own.

Avoid the HR nightmare and the hiring complication. Avoid having to calculate each employee’s taxes and benefits. Avoid dealing with employees who quit unexpectedly. Paying for extended periods of training should be avoided. Avoid causing aggravation.