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Ecommerce Product Entry

One of the more time-consuming and laborious aspects of e-commerce is data entry; not only must your data be precise, but it must also be presented in a clean and acceptable manner. With the minimum wage increasing, maintaining an in-house team of data entry workers can become prohibitively expensive. Through MyVaTeam, we not only have decades of background expertise, but we also provide a highly cost efficient and high output solution to these difficulties.

Our skilled Ecommerce product entry teams can easily manage manual data entry as well as batch uploads via CSV Import/Export or Excel. We can extract data from many different sources, including manufacturer company websites, PDFs, hardcopy catalogues, and other online sources.

Our support team for e-commerce product entry can provide a range of services, including:

  • Using Excel or CSV, uploading products in bulk
  • Filters for grouping things into categories for online marketplaces
  • Creating product descriptions with SEO in mind.
  • Managing sales, promotions, coupons, and product choices
  • Creating product names, descriptions, and key words that incorporate all meta data
  • Bookkeeping support

We have experience with the following e-commerce Cart services:

  • Magento                    
  • X-Cart
  • 3D Cart
  • OpenCart
  • OS Commerce
  • .net CART
  • Bigcommerce
  • Yahoo!
  • Volusion
  • Shopify
  • And more..!

Ecommerce Data Mining
The process of obtaining the essential information from databases and different locations on the internet is referred to as data mining. Gathering the necessary product and brand information is a crucial process for any businesses.

It is important to understand that internal data input services are not cheap. Staff outsourcing is a possibility to save costs as effectively as possible:

– Gathering essential facts and raw information.

– Refining and reordering the data according to the proper forms.

– If necessary, summarizing and collating.

– Titles and descriptions from newsgroups, webpages, etc. that are connected.

– Using analog and digital sources to retrieve data from genuine indexes or business portal websites.

– Data mining on media websites.

– Formatting the data to meet the client’s requirements.

Ecommerce Image Editing

The first and most important method for getting a visitor to notice your eCommerce store is the product image. Buying decisions are frequently influenced significantly by the item’s image quality.

Important factors include the equipment needed and the photographer’s level of expertise. Before they can be published, pictures still need extensive modifications. As a result, imperfections and stains must be removed from item photographs, and multicolored backgrounds must be changed to monochrome (white). Additionally, the lighting and contrast of an item image must be altered before it is displayed. Images for merchandise frequently need to be cropped and have their borders changed. We’ve seen it far too frequently, yet a few or few white pixels towards the edges of your photos can be disastrous.

MyVaTeam offers eCommerce Image Editing Services by highly professional and experienced editors to assist you in making your item images perfect and publishable. Our knowledge will help you improve your product images in a variety of ways:

  • If desired, we will remove your merchandise from its background.
  • We’ll crop product images and adjust contrast, color, and brightness.
  • We’ll also remove any spots, patches, blemishes, or sunburns from your merchandise photos.
  • To give your item photographs the royal treatment, we will edit them utilizing the most sophisticated masking techniques, such as layer masking, alpha channel masking, and/or foil masking.
  • A product image will be edited to meet the exact file format, size, and dimension requirements set forth by you and the market. If there are any requirements particular to the eCommerce platform you are using, we will change them.