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Efficient Accounting/Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

There is more to high-quality bookkeeping than just paying taxes, maintaining balance sheets, invoicing, and monitoring accounts receivables. It’s about the everyday flow of your operations However, you probably are too busy growing the business to be routinely handling the nitty-gritties of accounting yourself. You need help. Make that virtual help.


By working with a reliable Accounting/Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant — simply someone who helps keep your books from a remote location, you can streamline various segments of your daily operations and run a more efficient business.

To help you better understand the scope of tasks, we have classified some of the Accountant Virtual Assistants’ tasks that you may want to delegate:


You can immediately outsource basic accounting tasks such as handling invoices and approving expense reports.



Take full control of your business by getting regular cash flow updates. Your Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant will provide you with regular reports—such as invoicing updates, cash flow reports, even credit card usage monitoring.

Payroll Processing

Financial dealings are the lifeblood of your business. Your virtual accounting assistant can also collate your data and bring multiple variables into a single report. They not only show your overall financial data, but they determine your company’s standing and capacity.

Handle inbound call routing

You have a few options when it comes to taking calls — some more efficient than others Or you could take all calls yourself and spend your valuable hours on the phone. A virtual assistant can efficiently handle your inbound call routing.

Cloud accounting softwares make all the difference

These days, the demand for virtual bookkeeping services is high. A great number of large companies use cloud accounting, an online facility where it’s possible to bring in a virtual bookkeeping service with minimal onboarding required. This means you can simply create an account, allow your virtual accounting assistant to access, and you’re ready to assign loads of  bookkeeping tasks.

Accounting can be done on Remote Desktop on the following Accounting Software:


This accounting platform is geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and offers a cloud-based version that accepts business payments, bills payment, and payroll functions, to name a few.


This is an accounting application for SMBs that enables managers and bookkeepers to automate and manage numerous accounting tasks, such as: reconciling accounts payable and receivable, creating financial statements, and checking invoices.

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is a finance management software program with capabilities for viewing bank account balances, creating budgets, and tracking expenses, among other features.


A money management software for managing spending, budgets, investments, retirement and more.

Cloud accounting softwares make all the difference

Getting a remote bookkeeping service can ensure that you’re paying only for the work you need. Rather than setting up an in-house accounting department, you can opt to choose and pay only for the tasks your virtual bookkeeping assistant needs to do.


Hiring an expert Accounting/Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant will do more than free your time. It will also keep you abreast on the latest financial standing of your business with minimal interruption to your daily schedule. You can keep a bookkeeper’s skill while you focus on important managerial work.