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MyVATeam has been amazing - our chosen virtual assistant is more qualified than I even hoped for. We could not be happier - polite, accomodating quick to pick up instructions and excellent comprehension of any new tasks/assignments. Her English is exceptional (honestly, better grammar and enunciation than some native speakers I know...). Just generally 'gets it' I've not once needed to 'spoon-feed' her anything, which was my biggest fear when considering VA's. I highly recommend MyVATeam for audit review and conveyance leverage of any kind for your Market Center.

MVT Client for 2 years

We were months behind with our administrative tasks until we partnered with MyVATeam. Within a month, we were caught up and continued to provide high-level leverage services. I highly recommend MyVATeam!

MVT Client for 5 years

I really appreciate the value added partnership that MVATeam comes up with- it is appreciated and needed in this current business environment.

MVT Client for 9 years

After years of struggling to find a great virtual assistant, I can honesty say I'm thrilled to be working with MyVATeam. We were able to work together to come up with great systems to work together with our VA's help and it's been smooth sailing since then. I highly recommend MyVATeam to any business looking to leverage their time and reduce the aggravation.

Andrea G
MVT Client for 3 years

I switched to using a VA early this year and in one month my VA did more than all the assistants I had over the last 5 years. My business and database is now more streamlined thanks to having someone work FOR my business. He is well trained and I don’t have to waste time showing him new systems. Moreover, the VA Team has also helped me explore other avenues of lead generation so that I don’t fall behind. All in all I wish I had taken this step earlier in my career.

Anaita T
MVT Client for 6 years