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Title Services

We have vast experience in reviewing the credibility of title details and giving lenders the details they need to ensure that the necessary actions are taken to rectify title exclusions.Below are the ways in which we will utilize our knowledge to provide you with the best in title processes and service.


Title Ordering
First, we will obtain all necessary mortgage title information and will work with the title company until final documentation is received.

  • Secure all mortgage title details
  • Ensure timely delivery of title reports


Title Examination
It is important to ensure the title report is valid and free of errors, and we will work with the title company to resolve any problematic issues. We will ensure the lender receives accurate information about previous homeowners, property history and other applicable transactions.

Standard issues we have resolved in the past include:

  • Property boundary conflicts
  • Tenants’ rights
  • Construction/workers’ compensation liens
  • Private issues (not found in public records)

All found exceptions are carefully reviewed and organized so that appropriate documentation can be presented quickly if a conflict arises. Our attention to detail helps to avoid delays in closing and also brings attention to urgent issues that the seller may not be aware of or cannot resolve.

  • Review title for the presence of illegal deeds
  • Solve any property disputes
  • Verify all records of ownership, legal restrictions, and complete property records
  • Resolve contradictory or conflicting issues in title documentation


Title Commitment
The commitment we provide to complete title service includes comprehensive data review, followed by the necessary title commitment preparation.

  • Full title search and review
  • Lender assistance in report review as needed
  • Timely problem resolution
  • Provide essential data as needed
  • Prepare title commitment,following proper protocol


Final Policy Production
When you outsource your support and final policy services to us, you gain the benefit of our experience gained working with many different title companies in various locations. We give you the opportunity to direct your employees to more important tasks while we provide the administrative support you need.

  • Policy generation
  • Property owner record review
  • Sending final title policies to the lender and new owners


Title Insurance
Lender protection is one of our main goals, as well as accuracy, cost efficiency, and staff best practices. We also strive to make the process of securing title insurance quick, easy, and seamless.

Below are the ways in which we assist lenders and offer protection:

  • Handle the ordering of property insurance
  • Review the insurance document for inconsistences and problematic information
  • Work with the appropriate third-party sources to correct outstanding issues


Settlement and Closing Services
In order to move toward an effective closing, you will need a “HUD 1” or closing statement. This statement is needed as you prepare to sign and exchange all title documents, plus review all issues of collateral and business security. We will assist in the entire process which includes document preparation charges, plus other third-party charges and fees. At this time, we will also review realtor commission fees, taxes, survey fees, and any other extraneous costs associated with the closing.

  • Facilitate the signing and exchange of all documents
  • Assist in the preparation of a HUD 1 statement
  • Assist in document completion as needed for public record information